We are digital specialists and we move at the speed that technologies demand.

We develop a consultancy process that increases sales by Mercado Libre

We guide our clients through various implementations that we continuously improve.
We have achieved success rates of 95% in our clients growth sales, positioning them as category leaders.
01. Account and Market Analysis
We accompany you and guide you during the different stages of consulting, starting with an exhaustive analysis of the indicators of your account and the current state of the market. We focus on increasing the profitability of your business and optimizing day-to-day operational tasks.
02. Publications Content
We train the seller so that he can optimize the publications of his Free Market account and online store in the best way, to obtain the best possible positioning.
03. Account management
We aim to optimize the internal management of the brands that we advise, in such a way that they can improve the customer's shopping experience and optimize the conversion level.
04. Matrix and Reputation
We focus on improving the published product matrix of our customers, discarding or improving products that are not relevant to our customers by optimizing the performance of the account.
05. omnichannel continuous improvement
We always have in mind an omnichannel strategy to ensure balanced growth through all the contact channels through which customers are contacted.

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